i have recently started learning slide. my music teacher knows nothing about it so i have been using the net. although this only seems to cater for very begginer slide guitar. eg put the slide on the pinky. i need some reletively easy songs to learn. referably just using a slide. any help will be appreciated thanx.
Son House, Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters early work are some of the main foundation to modern slide playing and isnt very difficult so check that out. Also Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way and Life's Been Good are fun and easy. The Ballad of Curtis Loew and Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tush by ZZ Top, In My Time of Dying and Traveling Riverside Blues(originally a RJ song) by Led Zeppelin are all good songs to start with.
Derek Trucks. Listen to/worship him.

His stuff won't be easy at first but listen carefully to his phrasing, and overall playing. That's one of the most important things about slide- really listening. That and having a kickass guitar skill that most people don't
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Dust My Broom by Elmore James is an easy song for slide. It'll give you a really good start to slide playing.
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do you listen to Eric Sardinas? hes a pretty good slide player, not sure if he has much beginning stuff, though.


lol.... watch, he plays with a beer bottle too.

Yeah I'm a big Eric fan too and again not sure how easy his work is as I haven't as yet tried. He has inspired me to give it a go though!

I would maybe suggest if there's any blues songs you already know where you could just try to add in some slide to get a feel for it. For example I play Black Betty with slide,... though you're probably not meant to but hey,... if you're comfortable just go for it.

(the beer bottle clip is STUPENDOUS! And I know someone who's used a "sex toy" which ummm,... gives you lot of umm reverb lol)
ry cooder is a great slide player. his stuff aint easy however.

as said above, elmore james is probably a good place to start.

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Try some Keb' Mo

more pop blues but hey, a lot of its slide. Definitely check out Am I Wrong by him. Great slide song
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Put it on your 3rd finger for now, you'll have much more control, trust me. Your vibrato will be much better and cleaner also.

Check out Blind Willie Johnson. He is by far the greatest slide player ever IMO.

Second on the Blind Willie opinion.

I have 2 slides, a fat brass one and a steel one. I use my second finger, but whatever is comfortable I guess.

And there is a slide thread already that has most everything you need to know about slide work and slide players