OK so i swapped one of my guitars with my cousin.
What i got was an: Aria Pro II Magna Series
What i gave away: Ibanez GAX-30
The Aria was 'broken' meaning one wire needed to be soldered an my cousin is useless with that stuff and as soon as i saw made in korea on the headstock i swapped (the ibanez is Chinese made). It's also an HSS.

I have just finished re-stringing it and making it look nice and all......

Ok so i have a question. What's the history with Aria? Are they actually good?
On the guitar there is a two way switch as well as the pickup selector switch and im not sure what this does. I have think it changes the Humbucker into a single coil but im not sure. Am i right?

Sweet thanks all
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Aria are probably the worst international brand you could buy from..they are at best a decent squier. You get a lot of stuff feature wirse, but quality is as low as it gets, and the hardware is cheap.
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the other switch could be a killswitch....
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