Yeah, I know.
Another Sweet Child Cover.
This has been sitting on youtube for the past 3 months, and on my camera for a bit longer.
I'd love for you to crit it.
And yes, i know i need a wah and that I messed up the second half of the solo.

Lemme know what you think.
C4C as always.
Thanks in advance.

this came right when i got done listening to GNR's studio version. so my crit might be harsh.

your tone is fat. and quite warm. it doesn't have the edge that slash has. Slash has less mids than your tone. Was that improv during the versed? those were cool. and... do you really have a '56 gold top? those are hot.

and i know how hard the second half of the guitar solo is. it's pretty damn fast going into it too.

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Really properly done. I thought your tone was great, not only was it warm and clear, you didn't go overboard with the overdrive like some people do. I'd agree that it wouldn't cut through as much as Slash, but regardless, the recording sounded great. I thought the intro was flawless, you did a good job of muting extraneous notes(which can be difficult enough for that part), you did well through the verses, chorus, except for a slight fumble a little after the solo, which just happens sometimes, can't be helped.
I'd echo what EC said about the solo, in that the lead in to the second half is really quick, but you managed it pretty well. Overall for the solo, great, you kept the flow really well, and it's obvious that you've spent the time to actually listen to it, it was a really pleasant listen. So, good job.
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Really nice. Loved the bits during the verse. Pretty cool improv. if i had to criticise a bit i'd just say there was a couple of bits in the solo but they were some pretty tough runs and only minor so don't worry about that. Loved the tone too and the outro was quality.
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Some notes were off, came out a little too strong, nice improv during the verse but it was a little much, the solo need a little work on the fast part and the second half after the fast part. Other that that it was great.
i don't get why people criticize other people's tones so much, it's all just personal preference. and it's not as important as technique.

you have to work on those fast parts, dude. i liked everything else, for the most part, but there were a little too many off notes. you did improv some cool stuff though.
Man do I love this song. And I also like covers. One thing I like about this is that it's hard to mess up and you were far from messing it up. Was fuzzy in some areas but overall 8/10.

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