Hallo evrrybady! *pronounce like the way the crazy the doctor in The Simpsons does'' k,canon rock~~ i love it! funtwo totally pulled it off,superb tabs by him.But i've got a problem trying to learn in....

First,What are the settings for the amp? and i know amps have mid? but strangely mine doesn't...instead it has smthing called contour or smthing like that....mines a 15W marshall amp...dunnoe if 15w sucks but i don't really care...

Secondly,Does anyone know where i can get Funtwo canon tabs? theres only jerryc tabs...and fer the beggining for every chord your slam down,do you slam it twice or just once?

And yes! this is a canon rock thread,so say everything you want about it!but please answe me Qs!! thnks~
Stop being assholes. Warned, the both of you.
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Try not to get urself flamed again............Amp settings can be found on the JerryC's site so as the backing track.......Funtwo modded canon rock wif his own style like many others.....so learn the orginal thing and "improve" it urself like i did.....though i havent finished learnin it............slam the chord once then plam mute..........it sounds like slaming to times due to the delay or reverb or backing track but i'm not so sure :P
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lol,first time actually,din know people like that existed...oh well,din know it'll be this bad...only two actually,but nvm,k,this thread is officially closed