So I'm planning to buy an Ibanez... So..... Which model would you guys recommend?

PS: preferably on the $250 - $300 range; I play alternative/metalcore or whatever you guys would like to call it (Haste the Day, With Blood Comes Cleansing, oldskool STP, etc....)

rg350, sa or s series. i have an sa myself. pickups were not too good but i changed it to a dimarzaio fred, problem solved. only bad thing bout sa series is the lack of the edge pro bridge. but the trouble it saves might not be such a bad thing
I've got a sa120, wich is about 300 dollars, and is the perfect beginners guitar. I've got a cube20x amp and i get a killer metal sound. Ibanez always give you a quility product.
RG321. i think its actually closer to $400 but man.. you get a whole lot of guitar for $400.

and a fixed bridge for those who don't use or feel like fiddling with trems.
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save more money for a better ibanez which can actully last . save up till like 600bucks? and get a used rg550 , it's so much more worth it than the rg1xx,rg2xx,rg3xx,rg4xx models.
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RG321mh has a fixed bridge, right? That one's pretty good for the money.

yup it has a fixed bridge!
rg321mh. don't get an rg350. trem is guff.
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The RG321 is $280 last time I checked. For a beginner's guitar, I highly recommend a fixed bridge...keeps the focus on playing and not fixing it. Also, have you tried an Ibanez before? The neck is something people love or hate. If you love it, then get that RG right away.
Skip Ibanez. The quality of the construction and hardware of their low end guitars is horrible in my experience. Look at an Epiphone G-400, Les Paul Standard Plain Top, or Fender MIM Strat.
RG prestige is the best. I think the lower priced ones are bad quality and its best going for something else.
Take a look at the ibanez S series guitars
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Tenks to all the recommendations guys. I guess I'm leaning on the RG321, based on the comments. Whaddyathink?
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Tenks to all the recommendations guys. I guess I'm leaning on the RG321, based on the comments. Whaddyathink?

I own the sa120 and ive tried the rg321 too and i must say, the rg wasnt quite as comfortable to play with sitting down. Its body doesnt have smoothed top and bottom edges. Also no biggie but i didnt like its finish. It was annoying matte black like that of some piece of furniture.

AS for the trem on the sa120, it can just be blocked and i think the guitar has a very nice acoustic sound to it, even a year and a couple of months after purchasing its really sweet.

The rg did have great upper fret accessability, but since it was about 380 dollars compared to the 320 of the SA, i went for the sa.

Ive heard good things about the sz320 and the other sz series, check them out definitely.
Have you considered ebay or looking for used guitars locally? I got a sz520qm for $270 and it's an awesome guitar for the money. Just take your time and seek out the good deals. At your price range anything new is going to be pretty low end.
Not yet. Finding Ibanez guitars here in the Philippines is so freaking hard. Im relying on the pit for this one.
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Not yet. Finding Ibanez guitars here in the Philippines is so freaking hard. Im relying on the pit for this one.

WHAT?!?!?! Ever heard of Audiophile? Only legal distributors of Ibanez guitar here in the Philippines.

you got PM sir. I just can't let people here in UG think that Filipinos are ignorants.

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I totally agree on the Sa160! There are two on ebay australia right now. i would buy them both but really just dont need them. Great guitars. Very versatile, I swapped my bridge pickup out to a tonezone and it oozes awesomeness. Cheers
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I would recommend SAs (or SZs if you're looking for a hardtail with a slightly heavier tone.)
SAs have a vintage style trem (ie non-locking) which you can always tighten up against the body and the HSS pickup combo is probably the most versatile. And they don't come in just black!
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I love my GRG170DX and it's only about 250.
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I'm having a RG321 and i'm not really happy with the INF3/INF4 pickups giving me alots of white noise with distortion on medium-high. The thin layer of finish get scratched quite easily but beside on that you got a very easy neck to play on. A very good guitar for money.
But anyway, I will say the same as many. Go try the guitar at the shop. I had no idea that I would pickup my Ibanez before I actually put my finger on the fretboard of the guitar