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The Amulet of Samarkand

The Amulet of Samarkand is a fantasy novel written by author Jonathan Stroud. The book takes

place in Modern day London. The adventure starts when six year old Nathaniel is sold by his parents to

be apprenticed to a wizard. Without even saying goodbye, Nathaniel's parents leave abruptly and leave

young Nathaniel in the care of a wise wizard named Arthur Underwood. For the next five years,

Nathaniel pores over books and learns from various tutors your basic school curriculum: Mathematics,

English, Art, etc. At age eleven, Underwood starts teaching Nathaniel about the basics of magic.

Nathaniel learns that wizards are nothing without the great entities known as demons. They summon

these demons to do their bidding, whatever it might be, from murder, spying, protection, etc. Once

Nathaniel reached age twelve, his life was changed forever.

His mentor had the bright idea to host a giant party, to show off his apprentice, of whom he

believes is learning quite quickly. Of the guests is an ambitious and powerful wizard by the name of

Simon Lovelace. Lovelace sees the young apprentice and quizzes him on things he should have learned.

Nathaniel answers them errorless, but that's where the trouble started. Simon was getting annoyed that

a twelve year old was getting the better of him, and casts a spell on Nathaniel. Nathaniel is thrown

backwards by the spell, having not yet studied defensive spells. Simon Lovelace scoffs at his inability to

perform basic spells. Nathaniel leaves amid roars of laughter. From that day forward, he started plotting

his revenge on Lovelace.

In his free time, Nathaniel started studying basic spells, and the various rules of demon

summoning. After two years of vigorous preperations and practicing, he summons a powerful demon by

the name of Bartimaeus. Nathaniel's first order of business was to dishelve Simon Lovelace. He orders

Bartimaeus to go to Lovelace's house and steal a precious item named The Amulet of Samarkand. The

operation goes smoothly, and within a day, Nathaniel has the powerful object within his possession.

Simon Lovelace soon traces the amulet back to the Underwood residence, and starts off with

one objective in mind: Get the amulet back no matter what the cost. Lovelace arrives at the house and

casually walks inside. He searches around and finds the amulet. He then summons a demon and torches

the place to the ground. Nathaniel escapes with the help of Bartimaeus, but Mr. and Mrs. Underwoods

perish in the blaze.

Eager for revenge, Nathaniel tries to learn more about the Amulet of which Lovelace wanted so

much. As it turns out, the amulet protects the person who wears it by absorbing all magical beings and

spells within its magical range. Bartimaeus and Nathaniel do some spying and learn Lovelace's plans

and his reasons for obtaining the amulet. He was going to host a huge conference of government officials

and summon a huge demon to kill them all, leaving just him left alive to take over.

After careful reconaissance and planning, the duo break into Lovelace's mansion before the

conference. Once Lovelace collects all of the officials into one room, he summons a demon greater than

any seen in the book. It erradicates dozens of people before Bartimaeus is eventually able to stop it,

with Nathaniel kind of standing in the corner of the room looking awestruck. After the crisis is solved,

Nathaniel gets congratulated personally by the Prime Minister of Britain. He is then appointed a new

mentor so that his training will be continued as if nothing ever happened. The end of the book evidently

leaves room for a sequel, of which there are two.
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