I have a really bad habit of going to bed later every day until I end up staying up the night and going to bed right after classes. Anyone know how to reset your sleep cycle without doing like an hour each day?

I heard somewhere that you should just not go to bed for a day, and then the next time you decide you fall asleep (and you should be able to whenever you want since you will be so tired) it will be reset.

Anyone got some tips
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Don't do that.

I did that.

It's bad.

I ended up not going to sleep for about 40 hours, but when I did get to sleep I was asleep for about 17 hours. It wasn't good. Eventually I corrected it when I got a job and i was basically forced to wake up at 6:00 am and then I was pretty tired by 11 or so.
Don't sleep tonight, force yourself to stay awake all of tomorrow and then go to bed at a normal time tomorrow night.

That's what I did, and it worked for me.
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go for an extremely long run, walk , do something that involves a lot of energy or whatever. dont drink any caffeine.
i go to bed @ 10-11 pm (sometimes later if a football game is on) and wake up @ 5:45 am
in the summer time, when school is out, i go to bed whenever, usually go to sleep @ 5-6 am and sleep until 3-4.... then when school comes back around, i miss a day of sleep, then go do some work a full day around the house (my parents usually aren't home to see this) then i take a shower and go to sleep around 9:30, and wake up regular time.... and it's fixed that simple... idk if its this easy for others, but it is for me