Check out Collaborated Thoughts a Heavy Rock/Alternative band from Ontario, Canada. (I won't bother with the details on location since no one knows how to use a map). Even though we're lacking a bassist and a drummer, we're working hard on two tracks.
Before I (me-djmay71 joined the band) Collaborated Thoughts played a Talent Show Gig and got a good ovation.
Band Members- Cody Z.- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Derek M.-Lead Guitar and Vocals
Kris M.-Backing Guitar and Vocals
(yes we are crazy with guitars and vocals, I know)

Thats not really not a "band" thats just dudes jamming out....... Numb is not bad, but those leads are forced as hell.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
well, i wasn't there to direct them ...hahaha....no, originally it was going to be just the acoustic but the lead guitarist wanted to get in on the action with some harmonics. i think the audios messed up though, im not sure if they ripped it off the video file or not