This guitar began life as an ESP LTD F-50, a normal low-end guitar. It then was blessed during my foray into shredding with a Dimarzio FRED. As I ventured into more experimental tones, I gave her a set of Mighty Mite Motherbuckers for pure fuzz friendly gain and output. Now I have chosen to bastardize it completely lookswise, giving her a hazard orange and white refinish.

The guitar in pieces:

Here is a mockup of the finished guitar done in GIMP by my awesome girlfriend!

I will do my best to get step by step pics, the stripping starts in a few hours hopefully. then filling any pits and sanding them level.

The FRED is available for sale btw, PM for more info
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heh. It looks like a semaphore flag.

Also, it looks like its missing a "hard hat area" sign.