I thought it sounded more like metalcore than black metal... Perhaps the beginning was more like black metal but after a few bars it started to sound more like metalcore something like that. I dunno, I guess it was ok, but it got a bit dull in certain places.
uggh, metalcore, i feel dirty, maybe it was just my interpretation of the song that lead me to interpret it as black metal what bits you reckon got boring?
I found it far too repetitive and simply lacking in creative power... with an interesting vocal line it could fare well, though. I'd, personally, really get bored playing this, however, and, as a guitarist, at heart, I have to say this is far too simple minded.

I'd categorize this among the MelodicDeathMetal and leave it there.

Oh, I upped the tempo after about a minute of listening (using the percentage thing in GP to 1.25 original speed so, it would be around 94bps) and it sounded much more promising afterwards. It kept its ambiance and feel, but was simply more driving that it was during that first LONG minute.

Best of luck... try some different harmonies, throw in a lead somewhere... hell, just write the vocal line in... make SOMETHING in the song actually stand out and get your attention... it's too bland and repetitive as-is.
What leo p8 said was totally true, i found the first minute or so rather tiring to listen to. The tempo needs to be sped up to around 90bpm. Really needs some more harmonies and lead work. I thought the synth was boring because it was either octaves or single notes and followed the guitars way too much. Add a solo and a vocal line? Also that breakdown thing after the chorus didnt have much in it either, so try get the keyboard playing a melody or something? idk.
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Don't use notes outside of the key's native scale (in this case A minor). And it was boring.
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this is a black metal song (i would say anyway), but your leads, harmonys any rythms are making it sound like a metalcore song, also there are a couple of riffs that are nearly metal core. ok its half and half then. wicked intro