i've been playing for around 2 years now.

yesterday while playing i started to feel a slight pain around the tendon where my pinky joins my hand. at the knuckle. i forgot about it and today it's back.

i was doing some 3 note per string sweeping stuff (where you require your thumb against the neck of the guitar) and it involved lots of pulling and hammering with the pinky. i wasn't using an amp so it requires more effort to get a sound out of it i think.

anyway, now if i try to do this, sometimes i feel a pain around the place i mentioned, plus along the pinky fingers' tendon down to my wrist.

also, i can also feel the pain at my wrist where the pinky tendon connects sometimes when i do a bend.

i've begun to realise too that when i pull off with my pinky, it's not as fluid as my other 3 fingers, it just sort of jerks away suddenly from the fretboard in 1 fast motion. i don't know if this means anything.

it's not a searing pain, just sort of an annoying thing which you can't ignore.

i'm starting to guess it might be because i pretty much have used my pinky for literally about 5-10% of the time before the last few days. it's school holidays and i've been playing a lot (4-8 hours of screwing around, 2 of actual practice maybe).

i've never had any problems in my hands/wrists at all in the 2 years of playing i've had.

could it be i have seriously damaged something or maybe my pinky isn't used to it?
I think that you should just take it easy for a couple of days. I've had similar pains before, not just in my pinky, after prolonged playing. Just ease off on playing with that finger for a while, and it should go away.
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so you think it's because my pinky hasn't really done this much work before?

i guess i'll have to just sit it out for a while, it's gonna be hard, i think there's only been 3 or 4 days where i havn't played guitar since i've got my electric. if it's still sore after a few days i guess i'll have to see a doctor.

edit: yes, if i don't use my pinky, i don't feel any pain, and then if i do a hammer on or a pull off i can feel it, it's pretty obvious. mainly on the outer side of my pinky's knuckle.
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You don't have to completely drop playing guitar for a few days.
Just take it easy
god, i hope i don't need treatment or something, i'm hoping to hell it's just strained a bit...
Don't freak out. You'll be fine. Just think of it like a minor muscle pull that irritates you for a day or two.
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