Well I'm pretty much a beginner and wondering about whats the best way to get rid of dust on your guitar without taking strings off?

I have a Jim Deacon SG and theres dust and little dirt marks on the pick ups and fret board and just wondering whats the best way to clean these without having to go through the hassle of taking strings off.

Any help would be greatful, thanks.
I wipe it off with a cloth. If it won't come off, i scrape it off with my credit card :-)
Use a similar type of cloth like you would use to clean off a PSP screen or something. It works very well. Lens cloth, I think it's called.
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I scrape the dirt from the fretboard with the edge of guitar pick, works pretty well.
i use lens cloths on my guitars, you can pick them up from places like jessops and currys if your in the uk
I tend to use a microfibre cloth. They are basically the cloths you get with any high end screens.
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I use a 3/4 inch soft bristled paintbrush. Stiff enough to get all the crap out but soft enough not to scratch, and it really gets into corners etc.
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And nobody mentioned Q-Tips???

I'm not sure I could have survived 45 years of playing guitar without Q-Tips, camera/paint brush and old, soft, well worn t-shirts...you know, the ones that are starting to wear holes in them? those are the best guitar rags in the known universe, with the possible exception of microfiber...

I cut the fronts and backs out of old t-shirts and keep them in every guitar case and a couple hanging on guitar stands within easy reach. Be sure and cut the hem off at bottom and no pockets, sleeves and so forth, you do not want the coarser thread rubbing your guitar, it's acrylic, not cotton. Oh yeah, COTTON only...
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