can someone who's bought GP3 tell me if its worth it or not,
or if u havent then why not.

Im not sure whether to buy it

opinions please.
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It might be worth it, my old guitar teacher actually gave his to me (GP5), so I got it as a present... but it's a good program. I've found it pretty helpful when learning solos and lead guitar parts
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Yeah, power tab is free, but it isn't as good of quality as GP5, with the RSE software, guitar pro is the best way to spend $60. Its easier to work with and sounds like actual instruments. but if you just want something that gives you the basics of a song, then power tab is a good starter program.
search TUX GUITAR on google. I have that and it plays up to gp4. And its a completely free and legal download.
i can send you GP5 if you want.... or am I not alowwed to do that?