Not sure if a thread has covered this yet, but for those who don't know.

I got nothing against wow players, i just find it funny that the lead singer of a Brutal Death Metal band (Cannibal Corpse) is a wow addict.


He goes on about the "Alliance" and tries to justify his playing of the game by calling the "Alliance" a bunch of emo fags...and labelling the different wow groups or species.. ( i dont know i dont play) with musical tastes. Also, According my friend he must be pretty dedicated based on what he said...the levels of his characters or some **** :P

Cool guy, just very surprising.
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Yeah I remember seeing this a while ago.
I don't particularly like the music of CC but this interview was pretty cool.
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Dude, that guy is officially uncool now.

(Everyone knows that the Horde is full of fail)
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He's also a counterstrike fan, my friend killed him.
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what do you think the song called "I Will Kill You" was about?
killing those night elves of course
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Dude, that guy is officially uncool now.

(Everyone knows that the Horde is full of fail)

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Old news.

Everyone knows his power level is over 9000, and thats why he "Cums Blood".
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This man deserves my +1


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if he listens to Third Eye Blind while playing WOW, then he is a nerd -

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