amazing, that was so cool *thumbs up*
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The Leaving dance - Pretty funky, but some chords on the intro don't sound as if they match the rest. Lead was good, but the vocals were a bit too reverbed for my liking, but whatever flots your boat.

Cheers for the crit =]
For "Leaving dance," I'd say turn the rythm guitar down a bit. Otherwise the beat is pretty sweet. I'm digging the bassline. There are some parts when you sing that have too much of the hillbilly to it. I don't know how to describe it really, except it sounds like you're deep throating something, example at 1:34-1:35. The ending is sweet, keep that for sure.

"Going through the Motions" is badass, your singing in that one is cool as hell. Your break at 2:30 is sweet. "I'm not just going through the motions, this is really me" I dig the simplicity and the meaning. I'm thinking too much perhaps? :P
Listening to Leaving Dance, sounds really cool, I'm feeling the drenched-on reverb, kind of gives it a warehouse feel, and of course the instrumentals as well as the singing are great.

With going through the motions, I love the lyrics. You seem to like love reverb, don't you? This reminds me so much of of the Talking Heads, with the African rhythms and the alternative rock sounding elements, the scatteredness, the lyrics, and your voice reminds me a lot of Byrne's. Very good.
I listened to Going Through the Motions. Pretty cool. It has a nice, laid-back vibe, with very fitting instrumentation. Overall just a cool relaxing experience; not much more to say.
leaving dance is really cool. i like the vocals in it. they sound very 90's ish. pearl jam like. acually reminds me of a mother love bone song. very cool man, not much to crit really.

again, going through the motions reminds me of mlb. if you have never heard them, check em out dude, i think you'll be amazed at how much you sound like them. btw thats a really good thing.

cheers, and thanks for the crit

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Ha ha ha lovin the funk man, not too experienced in this music type...but me likey what I'm hearing man...how bout less of the verb maybe? but it's perfect just the way it is!

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I listened to the living dance.. Haha that was awesome, the intro was almost like a porn theme.. Then the solo was awesome.. Why do you put so much reverb in your solos ? Everything is perfect and the solo is as if you put your microphone 50 feet from the amp, omg, nice vocals !!!!! Seriously, your vocals are amazing, they fit perfectly in this kind of music, I don't like them so much in metal but in this one they are great..

Wow, this is a great song, nicely done man !!!
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On key parts of the song, I'd add perhaps a tambourine to shake things up? I suppose that's my suggestion.

As for the reverb, I'm diggin' it. It's a pretty natural sounding reverb, which plugin is that?

but I love the feel, and everything seems to fit very nicely. Well done!
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The Leaving Dance: It's really cool, I enjoyed it. It did get slightly repetitive though. Not enough variation. Great vocals though and I loved the solo.

Going Through The Motions: Loved the intro. The vocals seem to suit this song incredibly well. They sounded kind of echoey though? Loved the slower breakdown bit, especially the bassline there.

Great stuff!