My guitar teacher has asked me to come up with some songs to learn and i wanted some suggestions. My music tastes are Hard rock and Metal with a bit of Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers throw in. The last two songs i learnt where come as you are by nirvana and paranoid by black sabbath without the solo so i need suggestions around that difficulty level.

Well sorry for the essay and thanks for your suggestions.
Well some new stuff that isnt too thrash, the anthem or Entrance of the Tepidation, of eventhe rising. But still try pull harder on the strings of your martyr and dying in your arms. They are so good live.
lol entrance of the tepidation. (entrance of the conflagaration) (gunshot to the head of tepidation)
Gunshot is really fun to play. So is like light to flies

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If you want a song by trivium off of the crusade, maybe To the Rats, I like that song. It would be good to learn cause it uses some different techniques like tremelo picking, and tapping in the solo. If you want to do the first part of solo, you might want to do it pretty slowly, depending on how fast you are at tapping.