okay so i posted this thing a couple of days ago but i still can not figure some stuff out.

people said caughty, something stuck in ur head.

when i think caughty i think panic at the disco.

stuck in ur head would be foo fighters. because foo fighters are a great band and there lyrics always get into ur head and in ur life.

what eles makes a powerpop/ pop punk band a good bands in lyrics?
A lot of them use a fairly simple chorus, which is easy to remember. A good melody is also really helpful.
metephors and similies.
Thats really all you need.
Talk about how much you miss/love you girl friend using every metophor you could possibly think of. Then add some flow-y melodies and a Key-tar. VOULA! you have panic-at-the-disco/hellogoodby/any other powerpop band out there.
use simple words to express ur story , Flow and catchynes . The music is important especially rythym