this has been done 2 death.

PRS custom 22
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ahh cool it's your first day. anyway i think this has been done a billion times already. but ill commute i would get a custom made just for me Gibson Firebird
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this has been done 2 death.

PRS custom 22

Oh man, I love PRS Customs those are amazing. PRS is just an amazing company.
Graffiti Yellow 12-string Flying V.
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A Tobias 6 string bass, with insanely low action, and Bartolinis, obviously.
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i'd take Dime's Dean From Hell
Jackson DKMG Dinky (EMG 81/85)
Ibanez GIO (i put a Dimbucker in the bridge)
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I'd get Dean to make me a custom superstrat (RG style) with a jagged body like the razorbacks, it would look awesome...
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I'd get one made of solid gold with diamond crusted frets! Bling bling son!!!1!
Ibanez Jem77, although I would probably change the body type so it doesn't have the monkey handle (I don't like it, deal with it) and add extra volume and tone nobs for one of the humbuckers
Custom made esp V with dimarzios with custom flame graphic and cool skull glyph inlays (yeah i know its cliche... but i still love it)
Gibson, the model that Page uses in, for example, the SIBLY @ MSG on the Zeppelin DVD.

I never get tired of the design, I love the tone, it costs a fortune.
music man john petrucci signature seven string with a piezo bridge....

I'd do naughty things to that guitar
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