Hey guys im guna be buying one of these but which is better?

Theirs the mini marshall one which is about £18. Meant to be pritty good or...

The orange micro crush. Which is £29

On looks orange owns all but sound wise? Also the orange has a tuner on it which is a plus point. Or are their any other decent battery amps out their??

Edit: It has to be battery powers I know theirs small cheap combos out their.
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check out the Vox AD5, has amp simulators and effects!
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i can tell you that the danelectro miniamp/distortion pedal (can't remember the exact name i think its "bacon and eggs" or somethin like that) is pretty much garbage.
i never had any intentions of buying a mini amp, i have my HB GA-5 for low-ish volumes. mainly 'cause i played the marshall and it sounds like ass. then i went into my local guitar shop, an orange dealer and he'd just got in the micro crush. i tried it out with a late 70's dual humbucker mahogany double cut ibanez which i love - whenever i try anything out in there i use that - its an awesome guitar. and i bought it 15 mins later - great tone for such a small amp, the tuners good as well. a useful addition. the cleans are pretty good, the distortion is tinny but its gonna be from a 3 inch speaker. its also great for using it as a headphone amp. i bought it mainly for use when i go away etc. but i use it all the time in my room when i can't turn up (not crank!) my jcm and my HB is in the corner not plugged into the wall. its a great amp, and well worth the £30, also the battery life seems to be ridiculously long, i've had mine for a month or so with at least an hours playing a day an the battery seems fine, i thought itd be nothing like that.
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check out the Vox AD5, has amp simulators and effects!


and if that doesnt float your boat pignose makes a decent one.
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The vox one is alot of money, more then I want to spend really.
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yeh ok ill be buying the orange micro tomorow!
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