PM'd you link to how to skin a snake, didn't post on forums as might have been a bit too much gore to openly post

EDIT wait so you changed the topic from "how to skin a snake" to somthing completly different?
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This spam. And I therefore shall report


What? Are you serial? I just saw these clowns and found it comical, jeez man don't be so uptight.
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Delirium is tighter than a fat mongolian womans crabhole....

dude ......................that would be wider than a bucket!
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dude ......................that would be wider than a bucket!

It'll be like throwing a sausage down a corridor or thrusting a pencil down an alley....
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Throwing a toothpick in a volcano, first to get reference gets a high five.

I don't care, i want a HIGH FIVE NOW!
This is seriously older than the internet.
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