I'm playing on an Epi Les Paul Plus Top, my amp is a VOXAD15VT.

I don't know if the gear matters, but what I'd like to know is: Can you recommend any good and easy-to-use distortion pedals (that are quite cheap)?

id say the boss ds-1 is good, its only $40 through musician's friend. plenty of gain for wat ever u should want to play. if not, then i know of some good ibanez pedals too, but i cant remember the names of them exactly
well.... good and cheap are usually not things you can use in the same sentence with gear.

decent and cheap, now that's doable. you could get a Line 6 Uber Metal, i used that with my vox ad15vt until i got the halfstack i'm currently using. the pedal runs 80-100 usd, and you'll want an ac adapter too. so you're looking at $100 minimum.
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the uber metal was aweful IMO, as the first guy said, look at the boss ds-1, there isn't a more simple distortion pedal. it does what it says its gonna, nothing else, and doesn't sound that bad, especially for the price it sells for. and its not gonna kill you pocket money on batteries. although an ac adaptor is worth a look. and to add to that, i wouldn't take gear advice from anyone using a mode four as their main amp.
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thanks for the tips guys I'll have a look at those models!

it does what it says its gonna, nothing else

sounds perfect

hm, this sure is a stupid question, but what do I need more than the pedal? Just one more cable (one guitar->input, one output->amp?)
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yup, just one more cable, and a battery for it, or ac adaptor to power it of mains
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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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fine, screw the cheese sandwich if you must...

I dont like the DS-1. If you need more gain it's gonna squeal.. and not that great of a tone, the Metal Muff blows it out of the water. I use mine for just distortion and I can get the distortion of the DS-1 at like 9 o Clock on the muff and no feedback.
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^ +10billion on the metal muff or even the nano pocket metal muff if you're strapped for cash. you'll want to be running this through the clean channel of your amp, you'd also be best testing it through your own amp before buying too, modelers don;t always take well to pedals
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I've got a Epiphone Les Paul Standard plaintop with a Marshall Valvestate 8080

for a little extra sound I use the Boss SD-1

Great pedal, cheap, and it looks cool
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i've found with the valvetronix amps the best thing to do is turn up the master all the way and use the knob in the back, with the gain on full. you get a great sound from UK modern, and UK '70s that way.
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yep but the 15vt version doesn't have the knob on the back, so I can't have master on max.

I think I've changed my mind, again. What I really wanted from the beginning was this switcher, that switch between my two saved channels on my amp. So, I guess I'll just buy Vox's own channel switcher (as I have one 'clean' channel, and one with more dist, saved)