Is it available in the US? how do i get it on my wii?

When I saw wii online, i mean like being able to play people around the country/world.
i'm in the UK but it works

there are games where you can play people around the world but there just isn't that many of them

i know that mario strikers is online
I know you can play online but my wii won't connect for some unknown reason i've tried a million times and tried a million diferent things and still haven't figured out what the problem is... even after calling the help thing and sending them emails it still don't work
I mean like xbox live or something, I am already hooked up to that opera internet thing, and i am hooked up to the internet, i jsut dot know how to be able to play other people like multiplayer except across the world
Super Smash Bros Brawl is supposedly the first fully online multiplayer game on the Wii. So you'll probably have to wait for that. If there is already a game that has online play, then you'll need friend codes to play with friends.
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