I want to experiment with c-tuning but have concerns. I have a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra and I was wondering if put in c tuning would that warp the neck at all? I have only played in standard and drop D. Just curious of tuning all the way down and tuning up would cause any sort of damage to it.
Nah, just adjust the bridge action slightly to get rid of string buzz.
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you'll want to leave it in standard tune sometimes.

taking the slack off all the time lets the neck relax and straighten out.

also, get thicker strings if you find them getting too floppy.

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YES. Especially if you plan on leaving it tuned to C for a longer period of time than say, a day or so. If you plan on having the guitar in tune, without intonation and neck warping issues you will need to have the neck adjusted as well as the rest of the set up. If you don't eventually you will have intonation problems, and buzzing.... also if you do decide later to tune back up, your guitar will sound and play like a nightmare.

I would also agree that for a C tuning that you get heavier gage strings so it doesnt seem like you are playing on floppy rubber bands..
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