Just curious, would they fit in the bridge or the neck...or could you have one in either? Fancy putting one into my Standard Tele as I wanted a hotter out put on it.

Any comments/good/bad points?

Cheers guys
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there are hot pickups for Tele. on WDmusic.com, Kent Armstrong makes some hot Tele pickups. And Duncan has a Tele Hot Rails i think.

Lace Sensors might be able to fit on a Tele neck, but Tele bridges are wider than normal single-coils are.
It should in the neck, you may have to file the opening a bit on the PG.
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If you look on the Lace site you will actaully see that they make Lace Sensors for the tele...
Just something to consider....you may or may not like the sound of a lace sensor. I've heard some people describe them as very "sterile" sounding, but it's up to you ultimately. They sound great, but they are VERY quiet....not in volume but in noise and hum.

There's something about non-noiseless pickups for fender guitars, especially tele's with their utilitarian workhorse type sound that may be taken away when you go to a noiseless lace sensor. (mostly for reduction in electric noise from lights, etc...)

There's lot's of hot tele pickups out there that might give you more bite without changing the rawness of the sound, so unless you play under a tonne of lights, you may not really need a lace...try Fender texas special tele P/ups. (10.5K Bridge.) I've got one in the bridge of my 72 Tele custom reissue and it's really well balanced with lot's of chunk. Way nicer sounding than the original jap piece of crap that came in it. There's hotter ones available. If you wanted super hot you could get an EMG for it

Other than that there's Dimarzio, Seymour Duncan, GFS(best bang for your buck IMO), Lindy Fralin....the list goes on. Then there's stacked and hotrail humbuckers made to fit...Everybody makes those too.

To give yourself an idea of the range of outputs for pickups, try the GFS website.(guitarfetish.com) and look through the selection. Nobody out there really makes a bad pickup, so any of them will give you a decent sound at whatever price you want to spend.

Good luck
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The perceived sterility of Lace Sensors is usually caused by improper height adjustment. They like to be close to the strings. Drop them even a little, and the sound changes considerably. Get them at the right height and the sound is nice, fat and rich.