Hi Guys. Havn't been on here in quite a while! Blimey.

Anyways, got a problem with my guitar. I think it's to with the neck. Now, i'll try my hardest to put my problem into words but I do find it hard without having the guitar on my lap and showing someone. Here goes;

In the past few weeks I had started to notice at practises and gigs that when I played any note on the (high) E string, from about the 9th fret down to the 21st, it sounded out of tune.

The guitar is perfectly in tune and I have no problems when playing the E string anywhere from 1st fret down to (roughly) 9th.

(Hmmm... this is hard without demonstration)

As a demonstration to other people, I tend to go from the top of the neck down, playing the octaves on the G and E strings together. Gradually, it gets more and more out of tune until it's completely funked.

If it's a neck problem, i'm pretty sure I know the cause. Throwing guitars at amps and floors does not help, at all. My mate told me to look down the neck and see if its convex or concave. Unfortunately, I am very bad at being able to tell if it is or not. I think it might be slightly concave, but i'm not sure at all.

If anyone can help, or could help with more info, please reply. Im taking it down the shop tomorrow to get the guitar tech to take a look, but if anyone can help now. It will be much appreciated.

Sorry for the massive post.

Al xxx
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Sounds like an intonation problem, which can be fixed at the bridge.

It's easy to set intonation, I just need to know what kind of guitar you have, possibly a picture?
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well i intonated my tele about an hour ago, so im fresh from it, basically see the screws holding the saddles? they set the overall length of the string thats vibrating, so you need to set it to just the right length that the guitar is in tune at every fret.
ok first plug into a tuner, and play a 12th fret harmonic on that e string, is it sharp or flat?
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It's a 60's classic telecaster.

Cheers for the replies guys.

Take a phillips-head screwdriver, and move the high e string's saddle forward slightly, retune your open strings, and if that made it worse, then move the saddle the other way, retune, and fine tune the position of the saddle until it's as close to sounding right as possible.

If I remember right, older telecasters only have 3 bridge saddles, so it'll be almost impossible to get all the strings properly intonated across the entire neck.

If you need another explanation, google "telecaster intonation"
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Yeah only 3 bridge saddles on this. I googled it and seem to know what im doing now. I'll let you all know how it goes. Once again, thanks alot for all replies.

Al xx
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