I have 3 electric guitars and all of them have trems.

im looking to buy my first real high quality guitar.

do you guys use the trem all the time or what coz i think it would be wierd for me to have one with out it.
I have a tremolo on both of my guitars, but I dont use it. I just blocked it so it wouldnt bother me.
Depends on you really... We can't answer it for you.

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i dont think i would want one without it. i dont use it that much but its good to have imo. sometimes ill play my friends les paul and there are a bunch of times i go to use the trem but there isnt one. imo, its better to have something and not need it than it is to need something and not have it.
i dont have a trem but a few of my friends do and they dont seem to use them much they tend to get in their way more often than not
I have a trem on my strat, which i made float, but considering i use my tele more, i only use the trem occasionally.
Well I love trem guitars, take the arm out when you dont wanna use it but they are great to have just incase a song you love have a trem part.
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I have no trem, and I doubt I would use it if I did. More hassle than it's worth, if you ask me. Although I could see how it would be fun in some situations.
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