hey everyone i am new to the forums, but i am looking to get a new amp after christmas and i need help.

the most i know is that i would like Tube amp and if you need to know what music i play, i play almost anything.

the biggest gigs i would do are about 200 people or more and the smallest being pubs if that helps.

Budget? Please list a few genres you are interested in or exclude some.
budget about £300 most
genres mainly i play well everything if i can, but i would like a nice clean tone, and distortion/overdrive wise i need to it get quite heavy but be able to go to light distortion/overdrive aswell sorry if thats not clear
High gain tube amps don't come cheap, you'll have to look used to get a decent one i think for £300
ashdown fallen angel, zaph's might still be for sale for £300, i'll have a looksy
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If crap came in a package, it would probably be wrapped in this
But he want's fairly heavy distortion, and VC15's/30's just aren't that versatile
I mean i may have stoked the fire a bit saying i could get a metal tone out of it, but it's not seriously gig worthy