i am currently looking at starting to use a laptop running a few DAW's ect live. firstly the reason for this is like most bands when we go into the studio we tend to get a little carried away with layering up parts that are virtually impossible to play live. whilst watching how well sequencing works live with such great bands as Muse and so on and so on ive decided to experiment myself. needless to say i need a little help.

so to run a laptop live i will need a USB powered interface that can provide a front of house mix ie for running through the pa and also a click track to be monitored in ear by our drummer. can anybody suggest a good model that has this capability. this leads me on to my second question. i would be mega greatful if someone can walk me through the process of sending the instruments and musical events out in stereo whilst sending a click track to different channel in reason, ive sorted cubase and ableton so far but im not too familiar with the reason layout.

please note the interface has to be USB as i have no room for PCI in my laptop please someone tell me this is gonna work!!!

Dig in dudes
USB is going to be very risky as any amount of latency issues that are prone to occur with a USB interface will wreck a live show. If your samples come in a second later than where you and the band are playing it is all going to sound like a horrible mess - thus under most cases I would only recommend a firewire interface merely for fear them ruining their live show and looking rather silly when their interface has a hiccup.
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i did consider this but i can't seem to find a laptop that has fire wire inputs, maybe im not looking in the right places. i used usb devices before with tone direct monitoring for recording and it is a must really but i never had any problems with just playback. cheers for the advice though. can anyone help with my reason routing issue.

cheers again