what is it ? + a youtube video with it please.
i searched for 'fuzz pedal' but nothing useful came up...

listen to jimi hendrix. that's fuzz.
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what's the difference with OD then ^ ?

a fuzz is pretty much an over creamed overdrive/distortion (depending on the settings)
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muse and radiohead also use it matt bellamy has it installed in all his guitars. literly its called a fuzz factory
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Listen to Zeppelin's first album, Page used a MKII fuzz. 'How Many More Times' is probably the best example IMO
No offence, but surely some common sense would go a long way here?

Really, what do you think fuzz will sound like? Punchy? Creamy? Crunchy?

Non. It sounds warm, fuzzy (hence the name), gainy, thick and somewhat obnoxious. Also, I disagree with Gabe about fuzz being 'creamier' than OD. A good OD will sound much creamier than say, a Big Muff Fuzz, IMO. TS, it's important to note that OD, distortion and fuzz are differing variations of tone, in that order, gain-wise.
Fuzz is generally a pretty intense clipping (buzzsaw.) Used properly it can be very "psychedelic." Too much at the wrong times and it can be very obnoxious. For us old hippies its pretty cool. When it first came out the sound tended to piss off a lot of adults (which was fine by me back then.)