I made an instrumental cover of Hotel California by the GREAT Eagles! Of course you know it all (and maybe heard it too many times), but I love it from the deepest of my heart, and made my own version.. It's different that you used to hear I guess!
I hope you like my first try a bit..

The link is..

Bastiaan77 - Hotel California (Instrumental)

Greetings, Bastiaan and please comment if you'd like!
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Thnx! Great to hear you like it! Idd there were few mistakes @solo, I hope to improve this version (at small details) if I have time left, but great you like it allready that much!
Woah ! That is pretty cool. My brother would go wild if he saw this ! Awesome ! And may I add that the Eagles playing this live is stupendous even though Im not a big fan of theirs.
This is played very well. The tone of your acoustic sounds good (I hint a touch of reverb.) The mix is done well.

The only thing I could crit you on would be some of your leads, a few of them seem slightly rushed and mechanical. If you wanted to make this perfect, work more on your dynamics and timing.

Other than that this was very nice to listen to. Keep up the good work!