ok so there is not much cash to burn and i already have some ideas

at the moment i have possibly the worst set up ever...

*braces self*

A marshall rocket special and a marshall mg15cdr. and a ds1 which i quite like

MY idea so far is either
GUITAR = £220 max
a lag jet 100

A squier vintage modified tele

A squier vintage modified thinline tele

I will probably get my mate to put in some better pickups eventually when i scrape some more cash.

AMP = £100
and then after i sell the marshall junk i want to buy a small 5 watt tube
either the epi vj or the harley benton as people seem to like both

by the way i play stuff like the holloways (i know the lead singer plays the lag jet 1000), arctic monkeys to muse to red hot chili peppers

which do you think i should buy. i am only a poor beginner really so please dont start recomending deluxe american fenders
all help would be appreciated
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AMP=75% of your tone. Remember this.

I'd say go for a used guitar and get a nice amp. It'll pay off in the end better than if you spend the majority of your cash on a guitar.

What kind of music do you play?

EDIT: Never mind. Didn't catch the end of the post. Well dude, I really don't know.

I definitely wouldn't spend more on the guitar than on the amp, I made that mistake when I got my first guitar.
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I usually play anything i like which usually is indie/mainstream rock so the holloways, red hot chili peppers, foo fighters, arctic monkeys, foo fighters, billy talent

quite a mix

i only want a small amp for practice as i usually play on my mates old tube amp or at school thats why i thought an epiphone valve junior combo would be best.

EDIT: the vintage modified tele is made from Indian red cedar and is built in india.
I don't know how much difference there is between chinese alder squiers but i thought i ought to post it anyway
I had a good sig once....

ah who am i kidding
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The Vox Valvetronix Series go as small as 15W and will pretty cover what you're looking for in your styles of music. And the 15W is under £100 i believe

Have a look here www.gak.co.uk

Oh yeah, and those VM Squiers are meant to be alright so go for it
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i'd get the vintage tele if i were you
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so most people say the vintage modified telecaster and a small vox
anyone have any opinions on the epiphone valve junior because people seem to like them on the other threads i looked at
I had a good sig once....

ah who am i kidding