Hi, I was just wondering if there was a go-to site for ordering guitar related products. From what I hear it used to be www.musiciansfriend.com but in recent months the quality of service has taken a severe drop. Does anyone have any suggestions/input on the matter? Thanks.
i still use musiciansfriend, but music123.com isn't bad either. there's also samash.com try those out
Just a note to Aussies, there aren't as many sites as in the US but if you want strings (mainly D'Addario or Elixir) at a good price I found stringout.com.au to be pretty reasonable, however I live within walking distance of 3 guitar shops so I usually don't bother shopping online!
guitarcenter.com, especially for strings. They have a great 10 packs for 40 bucks deal for d addario phos bronze, but i think its for only 13 and 12 guage.