I'm just hooking up my new OD to my amp's effects loop.
I just have a few questions concerning where to plug everything into.
My OD has both an input and an output jack, and my amp's effect loop has an "effects return" and an "effects send" jack. I just want to know the correct way to hook it up, I dont' want to mess up my amp or anything.
Also, what is the main difference between using a stompbox in an effects loop versus just having it (guitar)-(pedal)-(amp)?

Thanks in advance!
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OD output to effects send. Effects return to OD input. Effects loops take the effects "out of the loop" when the pedals are inactive, a way to bypass the circuit and reduce noise and signal degradation.
Quote by uldhppi
OD output to effects send. Effects return to OD input.

I'm sorry, but you have it quite backwards. The effects send should be going to the OD input, and the OD output should be running to the effects return. Though I find it hard to imagine a situation where an OD would be best suited to the loop instead of in front of the amp. The effects loop basically allows for you to insert effects between the preamp and power amp and you generally use the overdrive to drive the preamp. Might sound interesting though.
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Thanks. You are correct. I sometimes get things bass-akwards when writing. Like trying to explain how to tie your shoes instead of just tying them.