i am refinishing and rewiring my bass (cheap jazz bass copy), and i was reading some tutorials about the wiring and found that the tone knob uses a capacitor and can either be a .1uF cap or a .047uF cap. i have both laying around, which one should i use/what is the difference? i was also thinking that if there was a tonal difference or anything i could mount a switch to go between them. just ideas, but is there a difference?

(before you ask, i dont really have a preference tone wise, i like a deeper fuller sound but whatever sounds good)
the higher the value of cap, the more treble it'll cut when you turn the knob all the way down. You can actually use any value you want, not just .1uF and .047uF (although the common ones for bass are .047 and .1uF).
It's not too hard to wire up the tone control to switch between the two, all you need is a push/pull pot (or a regular switch, but then you'll have to add a hole to the body). I'm pretty sure there's a few wiring diagrams for switches like this kicking around the forums somewhere. If there isn't, I can draw one up for you if you need it.
so would it be worth it to put both in?
does the low end of treble cutting differ? like, are both the high and low of each different? or is it just the low? if that made sense
It's up to you if it'll be worth it or not, really.
With the tone knob set to '10', the .047uF cap will sound a bit 'brighter' or have a bit more treble to it than the .1uF one will.
With the tone knob set to '0', the .047uF cap will still sound like it has more treble than the higher value capacitor (It'll sound like the .1uF cap has more bass to it).
So by cutting treble, it's increasing the bass ... basically
Hope that helped, I'm not the greatest at explaining things over the internet...