I usually play bass but am starting to play acoustic now. Anyone know any easy songs with no barre chords in? i cant do those yet but wish to paly some stuff. also, i dont mind variations of barre chords aslong as it sint a mile up the other end of the neck. (if that makes sense)
The verse part to Eriatarka by Mars Volta is not too bad.

Warning by Incubus.

Enter Sandman by Metallica.

The Energy by Audiovent

Thats all that I can come up quickly
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Counting Crows - Round Here
Green Day - Time of Your Life
Shinedown - 45
Hells bell by AC\DC
Good Riddance by Green day (Time of Your Life)
Enter Sandman by Metallica
Outshind by SoundGarden
Iron Man by .......
A horse with no name by America
A drumer is needed!!

In Dammam or Khobar
any more suggestions, how di io pick a chord? good riddance is going alright except i dont know how to pick a chord n the c keeps buggering my finger positions.