Ok so soon I will be purchasing some new Swineshead pickups for my Ibanez (Venom/Dragonfly/Warthog) and I want to install them with coil taps for both humbuckers using push/pull pots. My Ibanez has a master tone and a master volume control and you dont get new pots with the pickups so would I have to buy special push/pull pots? Ive searched for "Push/Pull Potentiometers" on Google but nothing relevant came up.
You could either buy push/pull pots, or you could just install a new switch. I'd prefer the push/pull route, cos then you don't have to drill a new hole and your guitar looks the same.
Ah thankyou, Ive searched again and Ive found some for £7.50 which is less than I thought theyd be taar