ok, so I am going from 10's on my ESP LTD EC-1000, to the Zakk Wylde 11-70 Custom Lo-Tune set. Is there anything I should look out for? it's a hardtail, so that isn't a problem, but what other issues could arise? Will I ever be able to play my beloved E-Standard again??? (I change tunings A LOT, I use E Standard/Drop D, D Standard/Drop C, C Standard/ Drop B and B Standard/ Drop A)

any help appreciated, thanks
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i just switched to 12s today,and i found it difficult to play in e standard, but it might be the size of picks im using
You may need some slight truss rod adjustment, but if you don't know what you're doing you should take it to a guitar shop.
If you have the cash, a second or third guitar isn't a bad idea so you don't have to change tuning so much.
i use 11's in standard (dont use standard much anymore now) and it's really quite hard to play..lol.. when i play other ppls guitars i feel like i'm gunna break a string cuz their so loose
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Slots in the nut, saddle height, and truss rod adjustment are three potential adjustments.
And it's gonnu be mighty tough for you to play in standard with those. The low e string on those is basically a bass string. I play 12's in standard and I don't really have a problem with it. I just like the way the tension feels on my fingers but to me the 70 gauge string is just zakk wylde trying to act badass.
70? in e-standard? VERY manly
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Really, that set of strings is no good unless you plan on keeping it in at least d standard. It is just too big to play with comfortably in E. IMO anyways.
yeah the zakk set would be awesum for drops... E maybe a little tight.

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well idk bout 70 but on my guitar is use 11-49 and i play in standard tuning perfectly. nothing wrong with my neck either
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You wont do your truss rod any good if you constantly change tunings to such a degree, the amount of tension in the 70 gauge at E will be stupid in comparison to the tension while at B or A for example. You will do damage to your guitar if you put those strings on and dont have it set up again everytime you change tuning.
I have a cheap strat set up with 12's and detuned one half step just for practicing SRV songs.
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12's in e are just silly

I've had 13's for e standard before. sounds a lot nicer.
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