im looking for a good bass and a good amp, for between 300 and 400(hopefully closer to 300). i have been playing guitar for about 15 months. i want:

amp: something that can be heard over drums in a band
both: good for punk, modern rock, and poppier metal(in that order)
guitar: easy playability
gutiar: looks cool (i like classic looking guitars and basses) NOT METAL looking
Arbor A410 Bass
Dinosaur 20 Watt Bass Amp
Line 6 Spider III 75 Watt
Squier Bullet

Excuse me sir, have you been thinking tonight?
im in the same boat as you. i dont think its possible tho, the amp alone thats gonna be heard over drums in a band will probably run you what you want to spend on amp+bass.
For that budget go used. I would go For a P-bass, and maybe for an amp like an Ashdown.

Remember through, shell out more dough for the amp than the bass. So maybe like get a used Squier for like 100-ish, and then spend the rest on an the amp.
What is your price Range?
Fender Jazz Bass
Fender P-Bass
Fender Rumble Series 100W Works well..

and Instead of Starting a new thread

Anyone have any experience with the Ampeg Ba115? Is it anygood?
I just joined a band as a bassist (For the past year or two I've been playing guitar) and I need a good amp.
i wish i had better news for you, but $300 is not enough for a bass and amp, loud enough to get above live drums and guitar. the bass is not the issue. the amp is your problem. you really need at least 200 watts of amp to sufficiently compete in a live band situation. Peavey TNT series amps are pretty cheap, used, and might fill the bill. good luck.