how do I rewind fast forward and make clips?

there all greyed out. i only can screenshot, pause and end clip.

please help!
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ive played halo 3 so much and i don't even have a 360...

as for your question i don't have your answer. i didn't mess around with theatre that much.

sorry i couldn't answer it. but what did you expect? this is the UG pit, you know?
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Read yer damn instruction booklet.
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if u hit start... the controls apear on the screen
as for clips... i have no sphucking clue
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Fast Forward using the Right Trigger.

And the only way you can make small clips of a saved film is via use of a TV card, if i'm correct in thinking.
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You cant make clips or rewind in campaign. You cant do either of those or take screenshots in co-op. In mp, everything is available via the x button menu. I'm not sure if it will let you if you're playing split screen.