1. Get my songs to proper format for attaching to posts for people to listen to them.
2. Use Guitar Pro w/ out paying for it.

Please answer, thanks!
Uploading You Own MP3's
OK, so you see the different sections at the top of the page, illustrated below.
|Guitar Tabs | Updates | News | Reviews | Interviews | Columns | Lessons | Community | Forums | Contests | UG.TV |(My Profile)|

Click on My Profile.

This will take you into your profile where you will see this:

Use menu below to change your personal profile :
Edit Profile
Account Settings
My Messages
My Subscriptions
(My Mp3s) < Click Here
My Blogs
My Pictures
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My Contributions
My Instruments
My Guitar Skills

You will see this table:

Click Upload New

| Stats | My Mp3s | My Albums | Upload New |
You have 0 song total.
Today Week Total
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Comments: 0 0 0

Now, the upload form:

Title :

Category :

Description :

Tags :
[ Separate by comma ]
We recommend you to encode your mp3 files using these settings : 44.1kHz sample rate, 128kbps bitrate, otherwise your song may sound to slow or too fast.
Select file :

Now, all you have to do is search for a Mp3 file, name it etc, and that’s you.

This advice courtesy of your new friends. http://groups.ultimate-guitar.com/dontchewthe newbies/

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