Im looking to get an avatar 2-12 cab since the price seems to be right, and I can get it customized for what I need, plus did I mention the price was right?

First off any thoughts, concerns or criticism of Avatar cabs?

Secondly, Im looking at either the traditional 2-12 or the contemporary 2-12, and I was wondering if there was anyone who has tried both and could tell me if the size and weight of the contemporary makes a huge diffrence ?? I do like the look of it, but wouldnt mind sticking with a traditional to keep the size down.

Traditional (28.5w x 21h x 12d)

Contemporary (31w x 21h x 15d)

Traditional dimensions are 28.5w x 21h x 12 deep,
and the Conteporary is 31w x 21h x 15d

I would like to have a relatively large tone, but dont want a oversized 'woofy' sound that comprimises sheer punch of my tone.

Any help is much appreciated
What head are you using?
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Im going to be using a traynor ycv-80 combo as the head for now.

Eventualy I'd like to ABY a single channel like a tiny terror, uni/bivalve, or something along those lines for distorted tones, and the combo for clean tones.
You should probably contact the kind folks over at Avatar and tell 'em what you're looking for. The cabs are the same price, right? No reason for them not to give you the best advice they can.

And for a couple inches either way, I'd just go for the best sound.

Good luck!
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