This guy is crazy good, hes in a local band NOS (Nation of Sin, Korny i know). He wil be the next angelo batio, hes only 19.

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so true ^.
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yeah hes good

but if he can make it sound like music and not mindless noise hell be better
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yeah hes good

but if he can make it sound like music and not mindless noise hell be better

+1. Its all just text book scales. Pretty boring.
I think he needs to work on his picking a bit; hes doing it way too hard but apart from that: yeah he's got chops, but I want to hear music.

Edit: Found myspace, the music actually isn't bad at all IMHO; check it out: http://www.myspace.com/nationofsin
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I'm sorry folks, but to me that just sounded like complete noise. He didn't even have a good tone.
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That was pretty boring. There's much this thing that's more important than speed when playing guitar and it's called tone. I didn't much/any of it in that video.
Am I the only one here who was impressed by that?

well i wasnt THAT impressed, but it certainly did take some dedication and practice to be able to play that fast.
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This guy is crazy good, hes in a local band NOS (Nation of Sin, Korny i know). He wil be the next angelo batio, hes only 19.


Plays really fast, but writes like crap? Sounds 'bout right

I keed, I keed.

Or do I?

Edit: Please, DO NOT make this a versus thread about MAB. I am just making a lighthearted joke.
Well he's fast I'll give him that but that fast for me? I don't like it, I mean yeah I like speed but at that rate it's just like Dragonforce style. NOT my style.

I'd rather stick with Gilbert, Paul Gilbert.
wow he can sweep pick and is really fast, becuase we never see that now a day.

Yeah thats cool but there are thousands of people now that can sweep and be really fast.

Just gets boring to me
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Technically speaking it's impressive. Musically it's extremely boring to listen to. He's not doing anything interesting, he's just playing scales/picking patterns/sweeps with the occasional power chord. There's a reason the insanely fast virtuoso players don't get much recognition, it's because unless you can write with these scales instead of playing them nobody really wants to listen to the music.
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That wasnt even technically impressive, im sure if he didnt pick as hard hed be able to go even faster. I have that same guitar! I hear some Dragonforce influences in there
Sure, he's fast, but all he's doing is pretty much generic shred stuff. No string skipping, no multi-finger tapping, extremely basic sweep arpeggios (come on, at least he could throw a 7th chord of some sort in there for some variation), nothing really original about him. There's a million bedroom shredders on YouTube who can play just as well as or better than him.

When he can rip with melody like Paul Gilbert, Satch, Alex Skolnick, or Marty Friedman, I'll care. If he somehow develops an original style, like Greg Howe, Buckethead, Matthias IA Eklundh, or Vai, then I'll care. If he can develip unreal technique, like Rusty Cooley or Francesco Fareri, then I'll care. If he's ever able to do all three, like Shawn Lane, then I'll really care. Until then, he's nothing more to me than a bedroom shredder who just happens to be in a band.
I'll agree, this guy is the next MAB, insanely fast with absolutely no sense of tone, melody, or emotion. The speed of his playing is astounding to me,as I commented in the video, faster than I'll ever get, most likely, but speed is not everything. I like Vai, Satch, Malmsteen, and Freidman because they know how to put some feel into it. Malmsteen not as much, but I've found that alot of his stylistic licks sound really good if you slow them down a little. Black Star is also amazing.

That guy is fast, but extremely boring. I also second what Holy Katana said, he was doing straigh up arpeggios and alt picking, very predictable and boring, despite it's incredible speed.

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