So last time I bought a half stack I rushed into it and just went with a Marshall because it was what everyone had. I got a JCM 2000 which is great for guns and roses, but not for deicide. I've been using a pedal on it ever since. So this time around i'm taking long time to find out which ones best. I want something that I can get a good death metal sound out of without a pedal. I play in B standard, stuff like dying fetus, cannibal corpse, necrophagist, using a lot of palm muting and squeals. I've been looking at Kranks and Mesas, but i want to know what else is out there too. So what do you guys think about those two for death metal and what other amps would you suggest?
What's your budget?

Engls are what necrophagist uses, the ultimate death amps (imo).

You could also go with a Mesa Mark IV, Peavey 5150/6505 or Framus if you got the cash.
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my budget is 1 to 2 grand for just a head, i'm going to worry about the cab later. how much do engls run? What sucks about them though is there isn't a dealer anywhere around here so i can't really try them out unless i find a used one
It's probably impossible to try out a Madison but I'd look into them if I were you, they sponsor loads of death metal bands, including Deicide last time I checked.

Heres some videos of the Madisons in action.

Aborted - http://youtube.com/watch?v=nGkU_ZgOWfs

The Absence - http://youtube.com/watch?v=AVK4ix8OtOk
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