Hey everyone.

I been searching for a guitar for a long time but I still haven't found something I need. Just to say it before someone asks, I haven't been to an actual store to try any of them out. I've just been checking a lot of home made videos looking for a great sound.

I mostly play mostly rock, but I get into pop and alternative really easily. I also play a little bit of clean classic type music but not very much, this can go up to something like suite madame blue by styx...

I'm trying to find a guitar that can do all of this and that is easy to use... I'm looking for something that is about $700, I won't be paying retail, but I want the original price to be around there.

I've been looking a lot at the ESP Mh-400, but once i started actually looking for feedback about it, I saw that most of them used it for heavy metal, which is totally not my style of music. If you guys have any experience with this guitar please tell me what it can do. I don't mind buying a few pedals but from the feeds I've read, the mh 400 is a really great guitar.

I'm probably going to get my guitar off ebay, so the price on there for an esp mh 400 is great condish is about 400 bucks...without the case, that'd be the way to go, i'm willing to go up to 550 including shipping but that about as high as I can go.

Awaiting suggestions. Thanks
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Go To A Guitar Store And Play Guitars Till You Find One You Like!

I agree. Only without as many capital letters.
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A B.C. Rich Mockingbird might suit your styles. You may wanna slap some new pickups in but that's the only real potential fault with >$600 b.c. riches.
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^there are a lot more serious issues with BC Riches under $600 than the pickups...

And TS, you should probably check out a Strat of some sort and possibly a PRS SE.
Hey thanks for the responses. Lot more ppl than I thought on these forums.

In response to Ishiga, I haven't really seen some nice feedback from some of my friends using these although I will go try one.

In response to T!AN, I will be checking out strats but I'm not sure if I'll have enough money for any of those, the ones I checked were over 700... I'll keep checking though. And I will be going to the store to try out some guitars. Keep posting though, I'm gonna have more things to say when I get there. Thanks

Sorry interpreted the higher end fender strats... Ill check out the fender mim strat... but what does mim stand for? Thanks
Alright, i'll check those out. I have a very important question about fender strats... How the hell are supposed to know how much they are worth... The all have fender strat written on them with a year(on the sites). How do I know which one is 500 and which one is 1200... Thanks
The best way to not get ripped off is do your research. Go to somewhere like musciansfriend.com and try and get a feel for what's worth what. The biggest price differences are going to between the MIA (Made in America) and the MIM (Made in Mexico) strats.
Thanks for the advice.
I'll be going to the guitar shop later this week to try out a few guitars... This is getting more complicated than I anticipated... I still feel a little weird leaving the esp behind when i've thinking it could do anything, but trying them out will make me decide...

Just keep posting for amazing guitars, thanks everyone.