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The Red Queen Effect has been astounding audiences all over for the past 12 years now and is going strong. Ian Pearson was able to talk to Serge Lopez, one of the guitarists in the band, and he had a lot to say about the music scene.

Serge explained that the most important element to be in a band is determination. “Determination is definitely one thing. You’ve gotta wanna do it.” To be a successful band it takes a lot. “The most important element has gotta be writing, period. You don’t need to always have something new, but you have to have good stuff. It’s gotta keep their attention.” Serge also gave his opinions on what it takes to stay strong in the business. “You have to have a new sound going. There are a lot of bands that come out now that are good, but they sound like the band that came out right before them.” Ian asked what the most important element is to writing music and Serge responded with “For me personally, arrangement. For lyricists they’ll probably say the lyrics, but I think the musicianship is the most important.”

The Red Queen Effect will be touring this January, and they’re cd, Fuel for the Dead Machine is out now on 13 Star Records.

Look them up at www.myspace.com/theredqueeneffect
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