a console to record a full band? i'm assuming you're talking about computer programs...well you can use pretty much any free software and create something that sounds passable. garageband is actually pretty good and, though i hate it (after using it almost solely for a year) a few guys around here like audacity. if you're willing to spend a bit of money, reason is a good program.

i have logic pro 7 which i do most of my sequencing on, but for guitar tracking i use protools. ftw.
Im interested in this thread... We (my band) have a Protools mbox, are they any good? (We won it)
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What do you mean by console? When I hear console I think of something like this:

But I assume that is not the sort of thing you are after - care to give us a budget?
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maybe something like this?

what you're gonna want to consider is what kind of inputs it has (make sure it has at least some XLR mic inputs) and how many simultaneous tracks you can record. i assume you are planning on recording while your whole band plays and then do some overdubs maybe.

but really a price range is a great place to start