I've been playing for a year now and I think it's time to get rid of the standard pickups for my Ibanez S470. What I mostly listen to/play is classic rock and metal/pogressive metal. I really like the DiMarzio Mo' Joe but I'm not really sure what to get. I'm not a pro at this yet so any help would be awesome.
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im gettin seymour duncan blackouts but they probably wont be good for classic rock. id recommend seymour duncan theough because i play guitars at guitar center that have them all the time and i think they have incredible tone.
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Hooch IS crazy.

Oh, how does the quote go? "Im gonna sit in the parking lot, play me some speed metal, turn up the bass, and im mowin' people down".
Get the Mo'Joe. I have one in my RG and it's ****ing killer. It can do rock and metal easy.
Well...That's a terrible reason...
Pickups make a small difference in your tone, and even then, not until you have a nice amp that will show the subtle nuances of a nice pickup..
The Roland Cube's modeling masks the guitar to a degree, and it's not even that great ana mp. So if you don't like your tone, you can spend 150 (how much one would expect to spend on a set of nice pickups, usually) towards a better amp, and get a bigger difference..
The Mo'Joe is much different from the stock Ibanez pick-up. I noticed a large change in tone after switching to PAF Joe / Mo'Joe from the stock V7 / V8 pick ups even in my POD 2.0.

The Mo'Joe has insane harmonics and that AWW sound like a WAH pedal in the on position. Not to mention higher output.