What kind of bridge would be best for a bc rich warlock? Iv been looking at tune o matics
that what they usually have
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The one that comes with it sucks its like a bridge and tailpiece in one. Can anyone recommend a good brand or are they all the same?
You have a metal master warlock?
Well, wrap around aren't really bad bridges and you wont be able to replace it with a different type of bridge without some modifications to the guitar. String through is out unless you wanna drill holes through your guitar.
You could buy a hardtail bridge, but again some drilling would be necessary
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on my bc rich bridge, the posts are coming out of the gutar from the tension of the strings
I have use mostly 9's

If I did anything at all, I would break it on stage
It isn't worth it

But If It was to me, I would get some sort of trem and get a locking tuner installed

that is going to cost the price of the guitar though

The intonation is too far off to be fixed

I don't see the point of buying a bridge for it
The guitar isn't worth it
Buy a new guitar

I got myself a Gibson after 3 years of saving doing odd jobs

I've been playing with the bc rich crap for 5 years and the posts were screwed after a month

I like BC Rich but the quality of the low end guitars blow more that other companies low quality guitars

After I get a few guitars though, I will definently get another rich
a better one
I was thinking of the assassin F something or another
Your intonation problems could probably be fixed by a professional setup...It wouldn't be fixed by a new bridge. The neck probably has a backbow, or has too much relief. Also, yo9u can usually flip saddles around to get more space. I've done it before.

The posts is also an easy fix...If the stud's bushings are coming out, your holes are stripped. I'd fill it with a dowel, and redrill...Any competent guitar technician would have been able to fix both of these for FAR less the the cost of a guitar.
I took it to a tech and he said it would cost about 100 bucks
the guitar is 5 years old
the frets need to be leveled the posts need to be fixed
the nut is broken the bridge won't work well with the saddles flipped because Something about the cheap bridge and the screws

the neck is straight
the mesurements at the 6th and 12th are perfect

its not worth paying 100 bucks to fix