k, im having big problems with that now...

im trying to learn the Seize the Day solo, and one of the bends i cant even get fully bent so i just move over 2 frets, but then on the other ones that i can bend, i end up making noise with the string above it....is tehre anyway i can prevent that cuz it sounds crappy when theres supposed to be one note playing but theres 2 ya know??? how can i stop doing this???

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I bend most notes with my third finger. Try backing up your 3rd finger with the 2nd finger on the same string a fret lower. The extra finger should touch the next lower string and prevent it from making noise during the bend and the release.

Another option when bending is to use the index of the fretting to mute the strings immediately below the one you are bending.
thats good advice yeah

while youre bending the string your other fingers should be holding to the fretboard and sliding anything in the way out of the way to collide with the string
I usually VERY lightly palm mute the other strings when I'm bending.

Of course, I do extreme Pink Floyd bends at alarming regularity, so... xD

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