So i download some songs off limewire and then i set it where limewire shares the songs with my itunes. Then i go to itunes and they're in a folder or something called shared. The songs play but I need to get them to my playlist so they will go into my ipod. Is there any way i can do this?

thanks in advance
find your folder. Import that folder into your library. drag onto ipod.
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click and drag the songs from limewire into your library, from the actual limewire window, not the shared folder on itunes

when you're done stealing songs,
highlight and drag your limewire songs onto itunes.
BAM! Done.

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Once you download the files all you have to do is open up itunes and click on file and hit add files to library. Then just select the folder and highlight the songs you want and hit open. That puts them in to your itunes library and then click and drag to your ipod.
add ur files to a folder then add that folder to itunes...that simple

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